already in 1973
The Finnish Magicians Association was founded in 1972. The name was Magic Kgnights in the beginning but was changed by the request of the members in 2002.
Finlands largest
Magic Association
We are the biggest and most active Magic club in Finland. We arrange lectures, competitions and meetings.


The Finnish Magicians Association was founded in 1972 by Lasse Tiilikainen, Timo Jurva, Kari Levelä, Olavi Vainionpää and Timo Saikkonen. The name was Magic Knights in the beginning and this club favoured especially younger magicians at the time. It was easy to get membership and there was a warm atmosphere in meetings, as opposed to other clubs at the time, which had a more serious atmosphere.

Already in the 70's the association started to arrange Finnish Championships for Junior Magicians. The first competition was won by Raimo Patronen and Kari Levelä took second place. The competition got big media coverage in the biggest newspapers at the time.

Competitions were arranged in hotels, schools and other venues, but since the early 1980's it became custom to arrange the competitions in the City of Kouvola every other year. The Magic Days of Kouvola is still a big annual event that is hosted and managed by Markku Purho.

Lasse Tiilikainen was the president in the beginning for many years, but later presidency was taken over by younger members. Other presidents have been Pekka Gunst, Seppo Puolakka and Dominicus Björkstam and of course the long time and current president Kim Wist, who took over in 1998.