Magicians Association
Finnish Magicians Association was founded in 1972 by late Lasse Tiilikainen.
The largest
magic club in Finland
We are the biggest and most active magic association in Finland. We are also member of FISM organisation. We arrange weekly meetings and a Miniconvention yarly.

FISM 2018 in Helsinki

Finnish Magicians association is bidding for FISM 2018. FISM presidium in front of Finnish FISM venue "messukeskus". From left to right: Gerrit Brengman, Domenico Dante, Peter Din.

After site visit to Helsinki in September 2013 the FISM presidium (Domenico Dante, Gerrit Brengman and Peter Din) summarized their visit as follows:

"After having evaluated the pros and possible cons of the venue, the FISM Board of Directors has come to the conclusion that Helsinki can keep pace with any other applicant organizer for FISM WCM2018."

We intend to introduce a new impromptu magic competition event as well as specialty workshops for different branches of magic. We plan to present high quality galas, one-man shows and the best close-up performers of the world! More information on our official FISM page: FISM 2018 Finland and through our Facebook page: FISM 2018 Finland/Facebook

Restaurant magic competition

The Finnish Magicians Association arranges every year a restaurant magic competition. This year the competition in on Thursday 9:th October in Cirko in Helsinki. Read more about the competition and this year's Minicongress read more.

The competition is very popular in Finland especially amongst professionals. The competition is held in the spirit of "tablehopping", where a magician works in a restaurant environment. Every magician works 5 tables with 4 audience members and one magician as judges.

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Other activities

We arrange yearly congresses, lectures, competitions and meetings. Members get discount from lectures and congresses and we are informing about upcoming events through our Internet Magazine and Facebook group.

We also arrange fundraising performances to schools from time to time. We are looking to give younger magicians experience and raising some funds to pay for all the activities we arrange. You can contact us through the contact page if interested in this kind of performance and we will tell you more.